February Free for All – THURSDAY Feb 7, 2013

Our Next Monthly Meeting will take place on THURSDAY February 7, 2012.

The meeting will take place at:
The Goldwurm Auditorium
Mt. Sinai Hospital
1425 Madison Avenue @ 98th street

Meeting will begin promptly at 7:15. The After meeting event will take place immediately after the conclusion of the regular business meeting.

Our after meeting event will be our “Free for all:”
Come on down and perform in a fun casual event – anything form a complete extended routine to a newly purchased item. Feel to share/teach the effect if you’d like, or keep it secret if you prefer. Come on in out of the cold and share some magic with your compeers!

If you would like to say a few words or perform to honor the late great Imam that would be wonderful.

Upcoming Events
Workshop Friday Feb 15 at the Gemini
March Monthly meeting Friday March 1, 2013

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