FOR SAM MEMBERS ONLY – Assembly V1.1 Two-Part Online Event

In case you are not aware, The Society of American Magicians (SAM) has frequent Virtual/Online Assembly meeting for it members.  If you have an SAM Online Account, you have access this event.

Next weekend (Sunday September 16th) join us for a two-part special event! The first is a tour of the Smoke & Mirrors Magic Theater, and then two weeks later Danny Archer will present a lecture on the 30th.

Who is Danny Archer?

Danny Archer is a full time pro from Philly who has performed in over thirty five countries around the world and forty-eight of the fifty states. He has lectured at and performed at just about every major magic convention and is also the producer of the MINDvention mentalism convention in Las Vegas and the Mind Summit in Cologne Germany. His sleight of hand skill and performing abilities have been honed through thousands of performances for all kinds of audiences.

Danny is also renowned for his colorful performing character; the Godfather of Magic, Gino Mozzarella.

Do you need to learn how to log on to Assembly V1.1?

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