Our members meet monthly in Manhattan—usually the first Friday of the month—where we discuss, teach, and share our magic interests (currently we are meeting virtually). Here are some of the benefits your membership card will offer.

    • After-meeting themed magic sessions (such as cards, coins, ropes, silks, mentalism)
    • After-meeting stage shows (open to the public)
    • Lectures — Magic stars from around the world teach us their tricks (no charge to members)
    • Yearly Auctions (buy and sell magic props, DVDs, and books)
    • Spellbinder — our monthly newsletter (news of meetings and members -on line or by mail)
    • Pre-meeting teach-ins (and pizza , as we share our secrets)
    • Close-Up magic events, camaraderie, make new friends, exchange programs
    • Monthly Workshops—informal sessions to work on new ideas and performance skills
  • Annual “Salute to Magic” Show
For more information about joining, please contact our membership Chair, Steve Okulewicz, at magicsteve@aol.com To put your name on our mailing list for notices of upcoming “guest nights” and magic events, simply Subscribe below or to apply for membership, contact us at: magicsampa1@gmail.com. For Additional information on joining click :  Here Check out our Facebook Page at: Sam Parent Assembly 1 visit our website: www.magicsampa1.com