Magic Auction, Thursday Feb set.

Magic Auction, Thursday Feb set.

• Dear Compeer!

As you know, our January meeting and the annual auction were cancelled due to the snow storm.

We have rescheduled the auction for February meeting, next Thursday, at the new home of Fantasma:

at 7:15 p.m.

• at The NEW address of Fantasma Magic

213 West 35th St- Suite 401 (between 7th & 8th Avenues)

The after meeting event is


• with pre-auction “Flea Market”

• (doors open immediately following our meeting)

As described in the Spellbinder, which you should have received by email yesterday:

Our next meeting will be THURSDAY FEBRUARY 1, 2018. We have received lots of cool donated items and have lots of nice higher priced items available in our auction. Tannen’s Magic is providing a “Mysterious” donation that will be of interest. George Schindler’s Showbiz Services has many items on the block. Steve Cohen has donated special decks of autographed playing cards from his 5,000th performance. Herb’s Magic has donated a copy of Doug Edwards’ fabulous book Nukes.

The auction also provides a great opportunity for Parent Assembly members to find a new home for items from their own collections. The public is welcome to attend to bid on the magic tricks, books, videos, supplies, magazines, memorabilia and more that will be on sale. Priority will be given to PA # 1 member to sell, although if time allows, non-members items may also be sold.

Flea Market

Just prior to auction, some tables will be available for flea market sales—$1.00 minimum price but only in even dollar

• amounts. If any of your items sell, you pay 10% of your total sales to the club. You will receive “painters’ tape” price

• labels from the club. (Don’t use stickers, because stickers could leave residue on items.) On the painters’ tape write your name and the asking price.

• All items will be paid for at the club cashier, who will track your items on a sheet with your name. If your items don’t sell in the flea market, you may bundle them into a lots worth $20 or more each to be auctioned off. If you bundle the items to be auctioned off, you must write the names of the items in each lot on a piece of paper which will be taped to the bundle bag/container, so that auctioneer doesn’t have to struggle to figure out what is in the bag.


We will start off with items whose value (minimum bid) is higher than $20 and work down to lesser values time permitting. Items will be offered in sequence at the discretion of the auctioneer.

Bid increments: Only full dollar increments. At the discretion of the auctioneer, increments may be raised to between one dollar and ten dollars. All items and bundles will be packed in a container (box, bag, or clear bag) with a slip of paper taped to the outside listing the names of items…you may also include the retail prices and a short description. No additional detailed explanations of items unless the value justifies a longer description. Length of time for

• explanations per item will be at the discretion of the auctioneer. Don’t forget to bring bags, boxes, etc. to carry home your selections.

So there you have it! In addition to providing a great opportunity to acquire new and sell old stuff, the auction should be lots of fun!

Hope to see you there next Thursday, February 1st. Meeting at 7:15, flea market and auction immediately thereafter.

Yours in M-U-M,

Bob Braun

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