(Re-broadcast) of the Virtual 111th Annual Salute to Magic!

(Re-broadcast) of the Virtual 111th Annual Salute to Magic!

If you were not able to watch the first Virtual and Free Society of American Magicians, Parent Assembly #1’s 111th Annual Salute to Magic, you are in luck! We have recorded it for the history books and you can watch on our Facebook Page. Don’t forget to give us a like subscribe and share.

The show is packed with history, magic, remembering magicians who are no longer with us and a special performance by this year’s Magician of the Year, Joshua Jay. Congratulations Josh!

Special thanks to Andi Gladwin, Kayla Drescher, Harrison Lambert, Herb Scher, David Kaye, Douglas “Lefty” Leferovich, and the other cast of characters who made a special appearances. A special thanks to George Luck of Vanishing, Inc., who took care of the behind the scenes technical execution of the Virtual event. It was flawless. Our website has more information about the show at www.salutetomagic.com

Well enough with the talk! On with the show! Just click on the picture below:

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