REMINDER: JUMP (Jazz Up your Magic Performance) Pilot Sessions Thursday July 18th,2019 @ Manhattan Plaza, Ellington Room (400 West 43rd Street at 7pm.

REMINDER: JUMP (Jazz Up your Magic Performance) Pilot Sessions Thursday July 18th,2019 @ Manhattan Plaza, Ellington Room (400 West 43rd Street at 7pm.

Jazz Up your Magic Performance

A Reminder from JUMP Co-Chair Joe Cetti:

Hi Compeers!
Just a reminder that this Thursday, July 18th 7:00pm is the launch of the JUMP sessions!  I’m super excited for this monthly event to share tricks, routines, and sleights that I’ve been working on at home, and now have a place & time every month to share with members of PA1 to flesh out kinks, nervousness, etc. that I believe will improve my overall presentation and push me out to perform more publicly and at our member shows.
ALL SKILL LEVELS ARE WELCOME – I’ve only been studying card magic for just over 5 years, so I’m just starting to get a foundation under me and understand how the benefits of continually sharing magic and performing magic has improved my craft.
So please come with an open mind, be encouraging and patient, and bring as much magic as you wish to share!
Looking forward to jamming with all of you on Thursday!
Yours in magic…Joe Cetti

Happy Summer!  A SAM Parent Assembly #1 has announced a new member benefit!  

Our Co-Chairs, Joe Cetti and Guy Crowl, for the JUMP Session Committee would like to announce:

The JUMP Sessions will kick off on Thursday, July 18, at 7:00 p.m. in the Ellington Room at Manhattan Plaza.

JUMP (Jazz Up your Magic Performance) is a new monthly program that will help members “up their performance game.” The sessions will provide a forum for performing the magic you are working on to an audience of fellow compeers before launching it to lay people.

How does the effect look?

Am I flashing?

Are my sleights effective?

How is the presentation?

Your compeers are there to provide as much feedback as you might want. Performances of close-up, parlor, or stage magic are welcome, and magicians of all levels are welcome and encouraged to participate. The JUMP Sessions are an opportunity for members to come together to share magic, explore new ideas and techniques and pass along knowledge. The JUMP Sessions are open to all Compeers and performing is not mandatory in case you want to come by to see the magic that your friends in the Assembly are performing. Thanks to Joe Cetti for spearheading these sessions as Chair of the JUMP committee along with co-chair Guy Crowl (and thanks to Sterling Lee for suggesting the name of the new sessions!).

The JUMP Sessions
Ellington Room at Manhattan Plaza, 2nd Floor
400 West 43rd Street, (between 9 and 10 Ave. Closer to 9 Ave) in Manhattan. 

A second session is scheduled for August 15 at the same location, and the sessions will continue on the third Thursday of each month. 

When: July 18th, 2019 and August 15th

7:00pm to 10pm:        PA 1 Members Only Meeting 


Ellington Room@Manhattan Plaza, 2nd Floor – 400 West 43rd Street (Click for Map and Directions)


Free for all Society of American Magicians Parent Assembly 1 members.

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