SAMPA1 Monthly Meeting (Friday March 1st, 2019) honors SAM Dean George Schindler (Roast/Toast) @ Pearl Studios(500 8th Avenue, 12th Floor Room 401, NYC 10001)

We will be honoring George Schindler after our SAM PA1-Society of American Magician’s 2018-2019 Monthly Meeting.  Please join us as we Roast/Toast Dean Schindler.  Our Chairman Rob Braun has been working hard to put together a wonderful and entertaining after meeting show! See you on March 1st at Pearl Studios…

A Message from Chairman Robert Braun:

George Schindler has been the heart and soul of Parent Assembly #1 for decades. A past president of the Assembly, and a trustee and treasurer for many years, George’s dedication and enthusiasm are unmatched. Whether it’s garnering publicity for the organization, promoting our annual Salute to Magic, welcoming and mentoring new members or sharing his lifetime of experiences in magic, George has labored to keep Parent Assembly alive and well.

George’s stature and dedication to magic has also been recognized on the national level. He is a past national president, and has been named Dean of the Society of American Magicians, a position which he currently holds. He pens “The Dean’s List”, a monthly column in the SAM’s magazine, M-U-M, in which he recounts many of his memories from over 70 years in magic. George has known everyone and taught everyone, and everyone has known and learned from him.

Having George Schindler actively participate in the doings of SAM and Parent Assembly provides all of us a connection to the greats of magic and allows us insight and understanding we would otherwise lack.


March 1st , 2019.

7:00pm:        PA 1 Members Only Meeting  (members, please be on time as we need 20 members in attendance to have a Quorum.

7:30pm:       The Dean George Schindler Roast/Toast


Pearl Studios  500 Eight Avenue 12th Floor Room 401, NYC 10001 (Click for Map and Directions)


  • Free for all Society of American Magicians Parent Assembly 1 members.
  • Free for Society of American Magicians members who are not PA1 members.
  • Free for non-SAM members who are thinking about join the Parent Assembly.  Additional details about joining the Society for American Magicians can be found by clicking here.
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