Next Workshop February 21 @ Gemini

Next Workshop February 21 @ Gemini

On Friday February 21,2014  Doug Edwards, PA1 Magician of the Year, will be hosting his monthly workshop at the Gemini Diner. The topic will be Some of Dougs Favorites from Books/strong> This will include items from Dougs upcoming book: Nukes, and his prior publications, as well as items from books by others.
Expect items for all skill levels, and Doug always some interesting from his collection to show.
Doug MUM


641 2nd avenue @ 35th street

6:30 pm to eat, workshop starts around 7:30 pm,
Please support the diner!

Its a new year, join the workshop and learn something new. Doug always has something interesting to teach, and usually some interesting items from his extensive collection.  Bring a deck of cards, and a few coins and some other standard (or unusual) items. Feel free to ask questions. These workshops are one of the wonderful perks of PA1 membership. Guests (magicians only ) are welcome; There will be a $5 fee.


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Wednesday March 12 @ Mt Sinai – Williamson Lecture

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