Welcome to Parent Assembly #1

For 119 years Parent Assembly has been dedicated to elevating the art of conjuring. Based in New York City, PA1 offers its members a wide range of unique programming and other resources. It also fosters a deep sense of camaraderie and fun among friends who gather to share in a mutual love of the conjuring arts. Please watch the video below for more about our history and activities.

Join the Magic

• Join a Community of Welcoming Conjurors • Learn from Famous and Accomplished Magicians • Perform in Member Shows • Buy and Sell in Annual Auction • See Rare Magic Items from Our Archives • Become Part of a Heritage of Great Magic

Parent Assembly’s members include professional and amateur magicians, as well as historians, collectors, magic creators, and magic lovers of all types. Although based in New York city, we now have members from across the country and around the world. For more information about joining, please send an email to our membership chairman, Steve Okulewicz at magicsteve@aol.com. Steve will guide you through the process. If you prefer, you can download the membership application (see link below) and then send that to Steve to get started.

Why Join?
Each of our monthly meetings features unique programming such as lectures and talks by well-known magicians, member shows, magic history events, an annual magic auction, and much more. Guest magicians who have lectured and spoken at our recent meetings inlude David Copperfield, Mac King, Jonathan Pendragon, Chris Capehart, Jen Kramer,  to name just a few. We also present a monthly hands on workshop held virtually. Each spring we produce The Salute to Magic show, which over 112 years has featured performances by many of the world’s greatest magicians. Members also receive our monthly newsletter, The Spellbinder and have access to a growing library of magic videos. However the biggest benefit is the camaraderie that develops among a supportive network of fellow members who all join together over their shared love of the conjuring arts.

PA1’s membership dues are $40 annually and you must also be a member of the national Society of American Magicians, which provides a separate suite of additional benefits.