Parent Assembly #1 Board Members (2020-2021)

Parent Assembly is governed by a Board of Directors, elected annually by the membership. The current members of our Board are:

President: Herb Scher

1st Vice President: Sterling Lee

2nd Vice President: David Kaye

Treasurer: George Schindler

Secretary: Stephen Gross

Comptroller: Ken Ferst

Board of Directors: Linda Robbins, Richard Cohn, Guy Crowl, Joe Devlin, Steve Sundheim

Trustee (3 year):  Ted Lee (re-election for new three year term)

Trustee (2 year):  Steve Okulewicz (confirmation of second year)

Trustee (1 year):  George Schindler (confirmation of third year)

Past Presidents: David Kaye (June 2018-June 2019), Robert Braun (June 2016-June 2018)