Next Meeting Friday June 3 @ Chelsea Studios

The next meeting of the parent assembly will be held on FRIDAY June 3

at ** Chelsea Studios **

151 West 26th street
6th floor

The Meeting will begin at 7:15. Show to begin @ 8PM.\

The nominating committee receommended the following slate:
President- Bob Bruan
1st VP- Nina Schindler
2nd VP- Herb Scher
Treasurer- George Schindler
Controller- Rene Clement
Secretary- Steve Gross
Trustee(3yr) George Schindler
Trustee(1yr) Ted Lee
Board Member Joe Cetti
Board Member Ken Ferst
Board Member David Kaye
Board Member Harrison Kramer
Board Member Sterling Lee


The after meeting event will be a Meber Close up show produced by Herb Scher. The Show is open to the general public.

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